Friday, 13 June 2008

Super stuffed - Sao Nam and Max in one night

I know. We're gluttons. Don't have to tell us.

Rommel and I were not supposed to go out and have a fancy dinner, especially after we got his blood test results back and of course, the cholesterol readings were not good either. I dare say it's worse than mine because his HDL (the good cholesterol) reading is low, making his total/HDL ratio very high. For me, my HDL reading has always been high and so the cardiologist has always said I'm not "high risk"... yet...

Then Pa needed us to run an errand for him.. which required us to go to Max! at Tengkat Tong Shin. Since we had to go downtown, might as well eat dinner there. We hadn't had Sao Nam in a while so ended up going there to eat.

At Sao Nam, we shared the starter platter, the lemongrass chicken with noodles salad and the pho bo. A good simple meal in my books. But we felt like having dessert. I remembered the dessert at Sao Nam was nothing to shout about so we went back to Max for the chocolate souffle and the white rum with fruits.... and 2 lattes. The dessert and coffe cost almost as much as the main dinner itself. Hehe..

But one thing I like at Max is the ambience. It feels like I've arrived at home for dinner. We've come to know Max and his staff pretty well so it's a very informal and comfortable atmosphere when we walk in.

Yaya, the head server, is really nice and I think he's practically remembered what we've tried and all our favourite things. Like once when my mom was with us and she couldn't decide what to order, he said,"Madam, you had the salmon the last time you were here, why dont you try the cod today?"

Today, when we walked in the second time and said we were back for dessert, he just said," Chocolate souffle?" and smiled. I dont know if it's a good or bad thing but at least it shows we eat there often! Hehe..

In any case, I'm super super stuffed right now.... Diet? What diet?


Priscilla said...

Nyehehehehe ebilness!! Ah well... Too bad putting on and taking off kimono doesn't count as exercise. Of course, the plus side is that when I put on kimono/yukata and tie it tightly, I can't eat as much!! An incentive for us to wear yukata more often, then? Nyehehehe.... New diet: wear yukata and kimono tightly to discourage over-eating!