Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hello from Singapore

As if I've been here for a long time!

Am blogging from the Kris Lounge of Terminal 2. I must say, SIA lounges are way nicer than the MAS ones. I can't remember when was the last time I flew SIA actually... cos we usually fly MAS to SG. And the food was pretty good (maybe I was just really hungry).

Just flew in last night. Checked in at about 8pm. Rushed out after dropping our bags in the room. Headed straight for Takashimaya. Pretty good damage considering we were pressed for time: 1 Burberry bag, 1 Burberry shirt for Ma and loads of lingerie from Une Nana Cool. Shen we bought for you too and we sure hope the size fits!! Dinner was at the Food Republic in Wisma Atria... Fast and simple and quite good.

Today was all about training for me while Ma went to meet clients and of course shop. Even more damage today - 1 more Burberry bag AND a Burberry jacket. Dont ask me why Ma kept buying Burberry... but hey it was all on sale!

Of course we had to stop by Blum at Hitachi Tower. Ma went earlier and apparently while she was there, the current Miss Singapore walked in and tried some stuff and bought. Cool...

A lot of damage done at Blum. After her first round there, Ma came out with 31 pieces of clothing and the young girl there had to help Ma carry the stuff back to the hotel (remember her, Shen? She was asking where you were).  I went after work and bought 5 dresses I think... Maybe 6. I cant remember. Nice!! Pics when we get back perhaps. 

Okay that's it.... Gonna walk ard and I want to check out Prada to see if there's anything interesting to buy.... 

P/S: I'm using an iMac. First time for me, so cool... The screen is HUGE. All the computers here at the lounge are iMacs.... 



Priscilla said...

Yay more lingerie!! I've been looking through my bras and I've been wanting to go to Ann Summers or something like that to get nice ones, actually! Haha, just as well that you got some for me then XD

Ooooh *whines* I wanna go back to Bluuuuuum ;_; I've been wearing the dresses I brought over pretty regularly (cleaning bill = killer). They're so comfy and look so nice too! I love the white button-up dress I bought last time, although I get lots of whistles when I'm wearing it -__- It's creepy. Did you buy anything that'll possibly fit me?