Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My first attempt with coloured icing

In preparation for the Kid's Fun Party, I wanted to try out the food colouring I'd bought and see what sort of coloured icing I could come up with. I used Buttercup Luxury Spread instead of the usual Golden Churn butter and the texture actually came out much better. Evelyn also said that she prefers the taste of the Buttercup spread too.

Here's the icing I came up with from the 3 colourings I had (Christmas Red, Sky Blue and Leaf Green). Since the icing was cream coloured due to the butter, the red colouring came out peachy while the blue colouring turned out more teal than blue. But everything was so sweet and pastel so I like it!

I made the usual vanilla cupcakes and tested out my pastel-coloured new muffin cases. I would say they weren't as good as the normal white cases because they're thinner and felt greasier after baking. More suited to muffins I suppose.

And the results:
(apologies for the not very good decorating skills. I'm still practising!)

My favourite was this one below:

The leftover icing... which ended up with Lina who loves icing so much, she went all the way to Rommel's office to pick them up the next day.

These are the cupcake boxes I bought from Bake With Yen. I was really happy I managed to find them. So cute and perfect for my cupcakes!!

So, do you think I can start selling my cupcakes soon? Would anyone buy them?