Tuesday, 23 June 2009

1 day more....

... til my sis and bro arrive home from London. And their choice for their first meal home in 6 months - crabs!! (Good choice btw, we just had dinner at our favourite crab place in Kuchai on Saturday night! Nom nom nom!)

As usual, we have a list of eateries to visit, starting with my sister's "new" favourite restaurant in KL = Sage. My mom has conveniently arrange for her next strategy luncheon talk to be held there later this week and so all of us are tagging along for the lunch. (Hey, I know I'll be working but I need to eat too right?)

I also want to take them to Ri Yakitori since they've not tried it yet. And the other usual places would be like Kampachi, Iketeru, Genji, Extra Supertanker, Chawan, Champs, Gu Yue Tien, CWZJ Tea House, Xenri and many many more. No firm plans as yet but we hope to cover everywhere we want to before Patteh goes back in September.

Speaking of food, I'm hungry. Time for breakfast!


teejay said...

I came across your blog when i was searching for some restaurants around KL. Your post about all those food u ate was very good and i basically scroll through every food post. It makes my taste bud to drool again. LOL.. cheers

Petrina said...

Thank you very much for visiting and for the compliments!

I've been a bit slow on writing food reviews lately given my increased workload in the office but hopefully, I'll be able to catch up!

teejay said...

Hope u can continue to tantalize around more foods in KL and blog about it, i will definitely come back your blog to read them. xD