Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kid's Fun Day

Last weekend, my mom and her team organised a Kid's Fun Day for some clients' children and also invited some people from church. We had a pizza making session, cupcake decorating session (both led by your truly), craft sessions including creating a booklet for Father's Day, flowers for Mommy and beaded bracelet making, and for the younger kids, playing with Play Doh and bubbles.

The 2 following pictures were taken during the cupcake decorating session:

Say "Hi" to Melissa who was sorting out the door gifts for the kids.

Here's Su Ling helping Ashley out with her Father's Day gift...

We also had the chocolate fountain, which was a big hit with the kids (and some adults too).

This is the adorable Joshua who happily licked up all the icing just moments after smothering the cupcakes with a whole dollop. (Notice his cute little apron and lanyard? Each kid received an apron which they were supposed to wear to keep their clothes clean. And we gave them lanyards with their names on it so we'd know who was who since there were 40+ kids.)

And to end, here is an amusing picture of my niece Ashley... Luckily we didnt get any icing on the furniture! Haha...


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