Monday, 9 November 2009

Senior Citizens Luau - more pics

Pictures courtesy of SFX panel of photographers. All were taken from Flickr. Many thanks!

Our cupcakes look really vibrant here!

My sister and some girls from the Youth Ministry are taking the cupcakes out of the boxes for display and distribution.

(L-R): Rommel, myself, my sis, my dad, the cute Hawaiian balloon girl.

And a pic of my mom (in bright pink) and friends.


Walter said...

Wow, Petrina, I ( nearly) had to put on sunglasses to look at the cupcakes ;)
You almost outdid the outrageously bright tablecloth.
Looks almost like someone tweaked the colour saturation too high in Photoshop, haha !

Nice to see you all enjoying the good weather. It's been cold and rainy here ( and in England). Perfect weather for catching colds.
Your mother (in pink) nearly smiled in that picture.
She reminds me of my grandparents. When they saw a photolens pointed at them they always went into Rigid straight up, serious look Mode :)

Petrina said...

Haha I agree, it's most likely too much tweaking by the person who posted that picture!

It's been raining here too, especially in the evenings. And our rains have resulted flooding in the northern states this weekend. So not all that nice here, sadly!

My mom rarely smiles a full smile in pictures. I went to the studio with her years ago for some formal pictures and she just couldn't!

Eliana said...

Great photos with this lovely combination of colors!!! How to resist these cupcakes? Impossible!!!

petrina said...

Colourful cupcakes! So cheerful!!

I just went back to KL last week and SFX has changed so much!