Monday, 23 November 2009

Phuket August 2009

For my birthday this year, I asked for a family trip to Phuket. It helps that my birthday falls on the day after our Independence Day (31 Aug) so there's usually a long weekend involved.

Here I am snorkeling at Ko Khai (Egg Island, because the island is shaped like an egg according to our guide).

Rommel and I fell in love with Koh Khai during our February trip. We took the full day Koh Phi Phi tour which included a stop over in Koh Khai to swim and play with the fishes.... We enjoyed Koh Khai so much (and thought Koh Phi Phi was just too commercialised) that we vowed to come back just to Koh Khai on our next trip....

This time round, we found a tour that goes to only Koh Khai... perfect! We set off around 10am, arrive at the pier at 11.30am and are on Koh Khai in 20 mins.

The fish were really hungry when we got there since the masses who come to visit after Phi Phi had not yet arrived. We were smart this time round too, we'd bought 2 loaves of bread at the convenience store near the hotel - cheaper than what they'd sell on the island! We had fun feeding the hungry fishies!

We also spent time on Patong Beach, which Rommel and I didn't get much time to do on our last trip (3 days was NOT enough!). We thought this picture was really funny cos I was trying to take a picture of Rommel and a drop of seawater got in the way.

Still on Patong Beach, I slept on the beach while Rommel and Fatteh jetskied. The people there were so kind to move the umbrella as the sun was setting so that it wont get into my eyes. Great service!

We also drove around Phuket (which is really easy by the way, can't really get lost as long as you have a map!). We stopped at one of the peaks which had great views of the island. There we met this friendly dog who ran over to my mom the moment it heard her open a Ferrero Rocher packet. Smart!!

Lastly, shopping in Phuket is amazing too! Not only do they have the el-cheapo t-shirts and cheesy souvenirs (for those who like those things), we found this shop in Jung Ceylon shopping mall that sold t-shirts designed by locals called Monkey See. I found this knitting-related top there!

We have more pictures from Phuket lurking around but this is all I have at the moment... Ta!


Walter said...
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Walter said...

How wonderful ! I have never dived but I totally loved snorkeling in the Caribbean while I was in Mexico.

Now I look outside and see rain clouds sweeping across the autumn sky.
It's uncommonly "warm" for November , almost 15 degrees instead of the usual 9.
Yeah, we're jealous. :)

Petrina said...

Wow 15 degrees! That is warm... Am checking the weather forecasts now for next week.