Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hello from London

It's Day 1 in London and it's cold. We spoke to friends and shop assistants and they said it's the coldest day so far this year. The BBC weather forecast says it's supposed to get warmer tomorrow. Let's hope so!

We had breakfast at my old favourite: Farmer Brown on New Row in Covent Garden... Yum! Pictures to come.

We also covered a good number of places today. Started with sister's uni for her to sort out stuff, then St Pancras Intl to collect our Eurostar tickets and then it was Camden Town since we were already up North. Came back to the centre for some M&S essential shopping.

Ok that's it for now! Someone's waiting to use the computer.... Ta.....


Walter said...

Ah, You got safely to London. Good.
Enjoy yourselves.
Compared to Malaysia it must be quite cold, yes.
What a contrast with your previous posts on Phuket.
At least it isn't freezing (yet).
I just came back from Austria and Germany where the Christmas markets are starting up already (Jawohl! Gluhwein ! )

pansona81 said...

Wow yu get to travel everywhere. Lucky, I wish I were you!