Friday, 20 November 2009

Winter wardrobe all set... I hope

I've been busy knitting and crocheting hats and scarves for the family in preparation for our London/Paris trip.

Recent FOs include:
1) Grey hat and scarf set for my dad. Both are very simple knits. The hat is simple stockingnette in a round with gradual decreases on the top. The scarf is the most basic - garter stitch scarf. But I didn't have the time to make something more elaborate because I'd also spent time looking for an ideal yarn. I finally

2) For Rommel, I had made Boo scarf a year ago. A simple checkered pattern with Rowan RYC Luxury Cotton DK in a brown/black mix which he bought for me from John Lewis Oxford St last year. This time, I made him a matching hat from the same yarn but I decided it might not be warm enough given how cold it's been in London! So I made him another hat using leftover Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in black.

3) Another black hat - this was crocheted with minimal stretch using the same Debbie Bliss Merino Aran but ended up being too small for Rommel. I think it fits my dad's head alright but if he feels uncomfortable with it, I can wear it! This is a spare hat.

4) For my sister, I made the Ice-cream sundae hat using Katia Austral which I got from Jet Sun. The name should say it all - the yarn is striped in really sweet pastel colours. I followed the basic hat pattern from my Knit Cafe book.

5) Lastly, a simple garter stitch stripe scarf made with the softest and possibly most expensive yarn I have: two skeins of Misti Alpaca - one in teal and one in baby blue. Purchased from Loop, Islington. To share between my sister, mom and myself.

For us girls, I can go into more detail about what we are planning to wear:

Our winter wardrobe includes our matching earmuffs, scarves and gloves sets from Burberry - I'd bought the purple and orange ones in London years ago and we got the pink set in Hong Kong in 2002.

Next, winter coats - my mom will finally be able to use her Max Mara olive green coat with rabbit fur trim. She bought it three years ago in preparation of our Japan trip but she then had her fall and surgery so we cancelled that trip. I was supposed to be good and just use the existing coats we have but I saw this really nice dark brown one in Massimo Dutti last weekend and bought it. My sister is wearing "Foxy", our Max Mara cream coat with fox fur trim.

Footwear: My mom bought 2 pairs of boots in the past weeks while I bought a pair from Aldo. I'm having a tough time deciding what other pair of shoe to bring along. My sister is going with her basics - closed-toe Birkenstocks with socks. Rommel has also gotten a new pair of boots for the trip - Timberland.

Sorry there are no pictures of the recent FOs - I rushed to make them, then got them washed and have kept them with the rest of the stuff we have to pack - which is all dumped onto my brother's bed for now. Will post pictures of all of us wearing them during the holiday!

Ta for now, back to work... Have a good weekend!


Eliana said...

I can't wait to see the pics of your FOs! I'm sure it must be gorgeous:)

Walter said...

Sounds lovely to wear all that against the cold,Petrina, except it's not so cold at the moment (of course compared to your place 14 degrees C must feel like it's freezing :), but have you seen the news on the latest heavy rainfalls and the flooding in England ?
I suggest you also knit plenty of umbrellas and south western hats in complimentary colors ( yellow is so standard).
Boots ? Better get a nice pair of women's waders ( no puddle too deep, no flooded street or car park will stop you ! ) for everybody. Knitting a few life jackets and if possibly a life raft would be a bit of overkill, but HEY better safe than sorry.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Petrina said...

Thanks Eliana! I just hope it keeps everyone warm!

Walter, I have to warn you that after 4 years of being back home in tropical weather, I might take a while to get used to cold winters again! Sigh, we've had rains and floods here too so I'm not looking forward to going through that in England as well.

Hahaha my sister has been trying to get me to knit/crochet a lace umbrella to match her gothic lolita outfits. But no I dont think the light showers in England can compare to the heavy thunderstorms we get here so perhaps there is no need for the hats or waders. Haha....