Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Piggin' Out: Imbi Market

One fine Sunday morning, we were invited to breakfast at the busy Imbi Market by Uncle Lee. This is one of his breakfast haunts (although he has many food haunts) and he regularly packs the famous beef noodles for us.

Since my mom no longer eats beef (just because she doesn't want to), he ordered some other dishes.

Prawn mee

Mee jawa

Assam laksa
We found it really amusing that he ordered so much for her, considering the fact that my mom usually barely eats more than a quarter of a regular bowl of noodles. But anyway, we all got to try them!
Verdict: All three were good but somehow, cannot compare to what you'd get in Penang!
And now, the highlight of our trip: BEEF NOODLES!
The Imbi Market beef ball noodles were my mom's favourite when she was growing up in KL... so much so that she threw away her no-red-meat philosophy for a few seconds and ate some! (That's a very big deal because my mom has very strong willpower when it comes to food, unlike the rest of us!)
I like how this picture below came out. It looks like I stuck two pictures together! Anyway, beef balls on the left, brisket on the right.
The noodles were served separately, with the option of horfun, meehoon or mee.
I chose horfun, my favourite.

Shen took the mee, since she apparently abhors rice noodles for some reason.
The shopowner gladly posed for me.
After the feasting, I had great fun taking pictures of some of the other stalls. We also bought our weekly chicken, fish and vegetables at the market. A bit pricier than the Old Klang Road market but much cheaper than The Village Grocer, of course!
I was so excited about seeing this apam stall and planned to come back after taking all the pictures to buy some for myself. When I got back to the stall, they had just sold the last piece! I guess that means I have to go back again for more nom!

I'm not that big a fan of apam balik, on the other hand. But hey it looked really good!


Priscilla said...

OMNOMNOM Sunday breakfast? We can go to church tomorrow night and then wake up early on Sunday for NOM Imbi Mkt breakfast!

Petrina said...

Wasnt it nom??