Thursday, 6 May 2010

Andrea Bocelli in Singapore this weekend!

I can't wait!

Rommel and I scrambled to register online for the Andrea Bocelli tickets that YTL was giving out. We didnt get it though...

Then I found out my mom had tickets but gave them to a client without knowing that we wanted to go. I was upset of course but couldn't blame her really since the client wanted it.

Our luck changed last week when I got a call from Tan Sri's office asking if I wanted tickets! I nearly screamed into the phone. I was jumping all over the office that day though, so happy I was.

So it's set. We booked the flights and hotel last week, collected the concert tickets yesterday and I have my yarn crawl through Singapore planned (not that many places lah - just Spotlight and Golden Dragon really because of lack of time).

We're going to be ambitious and also visit the casinos. And I want to go to Universal Studios as well. I love amusement parks and am a huge fan of Disneyland (where one can never really grow up) so since this is the nearest "quality" amusement park to us here in Malaysia, I have to visit. (which reminds me, I need to plan a visit to HK Disneyland soon, it's the only Disneyland that I haven't been to.)

Do you think that's too much to do in 2 days? I dont know. I know I'll be exhausted!


Walter said...

That's going to be an exhausting two days , but GO FOR IT ! Enjoy :)

Petrina said...

Thanks Walter! It was a really tiring weekend but the concert was fantastic!