Friday, 21 May 2010

My first sets of pearls

Yes, I said sets as in more than one!

My sister and her colleagues invited me to join them for a girly lunch at the Carat Club in Bangsar today to have a look at pearls. They had a trunk show collection of Japanese Akoya Pearls. Sit Yin had already purchased a very lovely pair yesterday (she collected them today and we all said they suited her very well) and got us all interested in a girly pearly lunch!

Our free lunch turned out to be an expensive affair. In fact, as I was typing the paragraph above, my bank has just called to ask if I had signed for something at the Carat Club. I sheepishly had to admit that I did.

Okay it's actually not too expensive for pearls, I tell myself. I reason with my conscience that these are my first sets of pearls. I cannot guarantee that it will be my last, though, since they are so lovely.

Description of my two sets:
Set 1. A string of light peach pearls that are "deformed" (I cant think of a nicer way to say this). But they are really unique given how the pearls were formed which, when put together, looks really cool and modern. It retails for RM439. I had 2 pearls removed to be made into earrings.

Set 2. A string of greyish pearls, rounder and less deformed compared to Set 1. It's really difficult to describe the colours as it looks very different in different lighting and skintones. It retails for RM649 and I had 3 pearls removed - 1 for a pendant and 2 for earrings.

My sister the brat bought 2 strings of pearls that cost RM1890 each. Admittedly, the difference in quality resulted in the difference in price. Her pearls were mostly similar in size, shape and colour compared to mine. She plans to wear both necklaces together but has the option of just wearing one if she wants.

So that was a productive lunchtime indeed! Although, I still think I prefer diamonds to pearls. Diamonds, after all, really are a girl's best friend!

P/S: Pictures only after we get the necklaces, which should hopefully be next week!


Priscilla said...

*snubs nose* Yes, I am a brat, but so are you! XD LoveloveLOVE those pearls! I can't wait to wear them <3

Btw, I see you're very free in the office :P

Brett said...

Getting your first set is so exiting.