Friday, 29 October 2010

Knit FO: The Mistaken Pumpkin

Really sorry I've been away for so long. Lot's of things have happened, but to keep things short: I resigned from my old job 2 months ago, went away to Europe for 3 weeks and start my new job on Monday!

And so, I return to this forgotten blog with a completed FO! I present The Mistaken Pumpkin.
Inspired by our first trip to Scotland (and by the fact that we were going to be there in autumn), I decided to make use of the Pumpkin Latte yarn I purchased from the Plucky Knitter in 2008 and found an extremely easy to understand and really pretty pattern: The Mistaken Shawl.

Completed in early August, I washed and blocked it immediately and eagerly waited to take pictures of it "on location". The perfect opportunity presented itself when we visited Roslyn Chapel, just half an hour away from Edinburgh city centre. The weather was sunny for long enough for us to take these pictures, before it started raining again.


I used 2 skeins of Pumpkin Latte and 4.5mm needles.



Walter said...

Hi Petrina,

nice to hear from you again (:

That's a lovely colour for a shawl (so big !)
The weather has gone bad since then, it's starting to freeze at night here in Belgium.
Hope you're well and good luck with your new job.

Marie Rose said...

That shawl is very beautiful